Who exactly is Timonwa

The long story

My name is Pelumi Eyitimonwa Akintokun, but I prefered to be called Timonwa. I'm a front-end developer, technical writer and open-source contributor who is passionate about making the web accessible to everyone because I believe that everyone irrespective of their disability deserves the right to a good user experience.

I'm currently freelancing, offering my services to clients who desire to give their brand an online presence by owning their website. I take their ideas and with their help, transform them into amazing-looking and responsive user interfaces and web applications.

I am fascinated by the web and love knowing how it works. I share the knowledge I get from what I have learnt and experienced on my blog through my articles which I call notes and hope that code newbies especially can have an easier learning journey than I did.

I am also building an open-source project called Tech Roadmap. It provides free online resources in different formats that are specially curated to form roadmaps or guidelines on the different careers in the tech industry. You can check out the website and the GitHub repo.

When I'm not coding, writing, contributing to open source or learning something new, you would find me watching movies, reading comics on Instagram, learning how to skateboard, listening to music, playing mobile games, and sometimes just reading other people's code.